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Signal vs. sound—validating legitimate data is the name of the game. So to separate good location data from bunk data and accurately capture human behaviors, PlaceIQ has built a robust pipeline of advertising supply sources that identifies which publishers and networks have the best quality location data, weeding out weak and illegitimate data sources. Data-based natural selection, if you will. Using advanced data science heuristics, we filter location data from ad requests through our methodology called Darwin, which determines the quality of lat/long data. Darwin uses advanced methods like Hyperlocality (assessing if data reflects natural human movement) and Clusterability (analyzing if data clusters in patterns consistent with human activity) to filter data. Out of this process emerges accurate targeting, safeguarding the development of audiences. And as Darwin accesses more and more data sources, the pipeline evolves into a smarter, more discerning tool.

Hyperlocality determines whether or not location data derives from actual human behavior and interactions. 

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How? By testing the impact of cell tower and zip code centroids, filtering out illegitimate location data like insufficient significant digits or fraudulent lat/longs, and analyzing the acquired information as digits are added to coordinate pairs.

Clusterability assesses if location data appears like natural human movement.

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Does the mobile data reflect a few tight clusters where a user lives and works? Are there other indicators associated with routine social venues and travel routes? Clusterability helps validate legitimate human behavior based on location data.

The difference between reaching a discrete audience or not comes down to validating whether a location data source is legitimate. And determining whether a data source is legitimate or not comes down to having the right capability. That’s where Darwin comes in—uncovering and analyzing location data to determine which sources are legitimate, illegitimate, or fraudulent, all the while evolving the pipeline to deliver keener location data insights. Darwin is the industry-leading standard of excellence that identifies patterns validating human behavior.

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