Seahawks v. Patriots: How do the fans measure up?

Forget about football. Seahawks and Patriots fans don’t see eye-to-eye on much at all. While Patriots fans are much more likely hang out at concerts and imbibe at bars, Seahawks fans prefer to frequent water parks and the zoo. And unsurprisingly, they prefer to buy … Read More »

RampUp! 2015

RampUp! 2015 will take place in the heart of Silicon Valley. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with the best data marketers in the nation. Learn more.

NFL Fans Bask in the Super Bowl Spotlight

The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots will clash during Super Bowl XLIX this weekend, and as the teams gear up for the big game, fan anticipation is in full swing, as are marketers looking to capitalize on such a singular focus of attention. To … Read More »

Here’s How Marketers Are Using Mobile This Super Bowl

In an age when marketers can reach a hundred million people any day of the week, the draw of the Super Bowl’s 184 million viewers has lost some of its luster. But Madison Avenue is focusing on another number: $14.3 billion. That’s the amount that consumers … Read More »

What Does Your Location Say About You, Really?

In digital advertising, we take for granted the usefulness of data. It’s hard not to — data has been intrinsic to media since the days of Arthur Nielsen, and it now swirls around us in seeming superabundance. Every mouse click, purchase, video view, song listen, … Read More »

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