Street Fight Summit West

On-demand, deep linking, local services and more are having a massive impact on the local marketing ecosystem. On June 2nd, Street Fight Summit West will bring together the brightest minds in local, to discuss The Connected Local Economy. Learn more.  

Oracle Data Cloud Summit

More than 300 thought leaders are coming together to discuss the future of data-driven business and the power to know more as a key competitive driver. Learn how these data luminaries and practitioners use the power of data to gain knowledge about their customers and … Read More »

Fraudsters Locate A New Frontier

Because of the high demand for mobile location-based data, it’s a big opportunity for fraudsters looking to game geo-coordinates. If a publisher provides devices within an advertiser’s specified lat/long range, it passes that bid request through a daisy chain of ad networks. Sometimes that request … Read More »

Attribution Revolution

It’s no surprise that mobile is on the rise as a major player in the digital advertising arena, with consumers spending more and more time on mobile. While advertisers have been hesitant to jump on the mobile bandwagon, momentum is picking up. According to eMarketer, … Read More »

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