PlaceIQ’s patented platform analyzes half a trillion diverse data points about location, time, and real-world behavior to more accurately define audiences and activate them with relevant advertising. Our suite of consumer discovery, engagement and activation solutions engage the right consumers and lead them to desired brand actions and destinations at scale.






We absorb half a trillion diverse data points from more than 40 sources. Data ranges from census and demographic to retail purchase, TV targeting, auto ownership, photo location data, as well as the types of devices in use and much more.

Defined by a tile system, where each tile measures 100 meters by 100 meters, our platform can determine activity across one billion tiles in the U.S. (note: Platform is built on top of the USGS grid)

Our platform recognizes the critical importance of time when it comes to consumer behavior. For example, a tile in downtown San Francisco will be different when viewed during a weekday morning versus the evening. A coffee brand may target a working professional on a Tuesday morning in a tile, while an entertainment brand may look to reach a movie-goer on a Saturday night in that tile.

When plugged into the mobile advertising ecosystem, PlaceIQ’s incredibly powerful data set of consumers moving through time and space can be applied against the company’s proprietary understanding of the world to deliver high-fidelity audiences to advertisers and brands.

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