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Think about your day yesterday….where did you go? What did you do? Did you pick up groceries? Hit the gym? Take your kids to school? Throughout the day, did you use your phone on the go? What about everywhere you have been in the last month, year, and so on?

At PlaceIQ, we believe that where you go and where you’ve been, define who you are and what you do. With the proliferation of location-enabled devices, technology has now allowed us to understand the consumer journey and define, create, and target unique consumer segments. That is why we’ve spent 4+ years building our patented platform that makes sense of behavior to provide a real world understanding.









Start with the structure: We have nearly one billion tiles, each measuring 100×100 meters, layered across the entire US. By ingesting, analyzing and organizing data in each tile, we develop a profound understanding of the area – what kind of people and locations make up the space.

Ingest, cleanse, and normalize data: That’s a trillion diverse data points about location, time, and real-world behavior derived from our platform and from over 40 data sources – some public, some partners, or our own data such as our proprietary polygons, developed by our team of cartographers to verify locations. We’ve constructed a taxonomy to organize these diverse data sets into several thousand categories, allowing us to ingest, update, define, and analyze all the data quickly and easily.

Gather device movement data: We process opted-in movement data and attribute each one to a specific latitude/longitude and unique device ID. By seeing how devices move through time and space, we’re able to make intelligent conclusions about behavior.

Attribute a time period and tile score: We recognize the critical importance of time when it comes to consumer behavior – data within one tile will look quite different on a Tuesday morning than it will on a Saturday night. We account for 27 time periods to reduce noise and manage data density in tiles. Through our tile scoring methodology, we attribute a score to a tile based on how likely an audience is to be present in it.

Build audiences with PIQL: We use a mixture of software and data analysts to identify and develop our predictions of human intent and behavior. Once we’ve assembled data we can trust, we use our own proprietary programming language – PIQL – to write rules specifying data to define audiences.

Activate audiences with media: We’ve built a diverse set of unique audiences that span many verticals. We have over a thousand pre-built audiences, and limitless combinations, enabling marketers to reach their target consumers with relevant and timely messages across mobile and other devices. Through our tile scoring methodology, which attributes a score to a tile based on how likely an audience is to be present in it, we are able to confidently activate meaningful and relevant audiences with campaigns.

Reporting with our analytics: Once a campaign has been activated, we are able to leverage our platform to uncover and capture amazing and unprecedented learnings about consumer behavior. PVR™, our real world foot traffic metric, measures if devices exposed to advertising actually visited the target location. PreVisit reporting identifies the places where devices were spotted before reaching a target destination. Finally,  PIQ Analytics, the most robust part of our reporting, provides audience insights around who they are, what they like, what they do and where they go.

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