Consumer Insights Platform

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We are excited to announce the launch of our proprietary Consumer Insights Platform (CIP) in the second half of 2014. CIP gives organizations a completely new way to understand the consumer journey by enabling the exploration of real world behavior across time and space, through our petabyte-scale location intelligence set.

With an interactive and visual exploration interface, CIP combines physical real world behaviors with digital data and interactions, allowing brands to understand relationships between a wide variety of places and behaviors including retail visits, recreation, travel, dining, automotive, and many more.

CIP expands our ability to deliver deeper and more actionable insights about consumers and the best ways brands can interact with them. This never-before exposed data will be tied back to PlaceIQ’s campaign reporting and advanced analytics for clients’ use in planning, buying, product strategy, distribution, media mix modeling and other critical marketing, agency and publisher functions.


CIP provides a window for clients to better understand how consumers reached through mobile advertising with PlaceIQ move between space and time:

  • WHO is visiting the desired location?
  • WHERE they were prior to visitation?
  • HOW are the visitor profiles different geographically?
  • WHAT is unique about the visitors?


Marketers can create and manipulate complex segments to define audiences, using data sets ranging from location, demographics, dining habits, retail visitation, entertainment venues, travel tendencies, and more.


Activation and application of these advanced insights helps refine and augment existing marketing efforts. The result will include better planning and definition, better audience engagement, returns on spend and a whole new set of detailed analytics using location as a proxy to understand audience.

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