PIQ Audiences

Reach your consumers based on where they have been.

Our core product offering known as PIQ Audiences allows brands to reach target consumers with relevant messages based on where they have been in the past. This means that based on the locations where we’ve spotted devices, we can develop a more profound understanding of what audience segment that device belongs to and reach them with a more meaningful message.

With our platform, we have developed a comprehensive taxonomy to identify over a thousand pre-built audiences and limitless combinations for brands across lifestyle, entertainment, sports, dining and much more. PIQ Audiences gives marketers an accurate and robust solution for reaching their target consumers with confidence and relevance.

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Reach your consumers based on where they are.

PIQ Audiences NOW allows brands to reach consumers with relevant and actionable messages in real-time, at the right moment and the right destination. Compared to common geo-fencing, PlaceIQ’s geo-spatial structure of 100×100 meter tiles and proprietary polygons, enables brands to target audiences with much higher relevance and precision.

If a marketer wishes to reach consumers visiting a specific retail location, movie theater, restaurant, etc., PlaceIQ can identify and instantly reach devices that are present in the qualified locations – never more than a 100m away from relevance. By reaching devices at the right moment of the consumer journey, brands can execute campaigns with greater assurance and accuracy.


Our audiences span many verticals – here is a taste of some of the categories we currently cover:

Through unique partnerships, we are also able to offer the following audiences: