PIQ PrimeTime

Powered by Rentrak 


PlaceIQ has partnered with Rentrak to deliver household set-top-box data integrated into PlaceIQ’s location analytics platform. Devices associated with residential tiles are connected to TV viewership, allowing advertisers to identify audiences and locate viewers based on network and day-part television viewing.

PIQ Primetime Devices Graphic

Use Prime-Time to:

  • Drive tune-in
  • Support TV advertising
  • Reach network audiences
  • Target unique consumer segments

Analytics & Insight: 

Along with our new Tune-In measurement, PlaceIQ provides PIQ Analytics which uncover insights about unique audiences, including what other networks they watch, what products they buy, and where they dine, shop, and go for entertainment.

*NOW INTRODUCING: PIQ PrimeTime Measurement*


In a new market release, PlaceIQ is the first company to partner with Rentrak to deliver TV tune-in measurement attributed to mobile advertising. We can now measure how a PlaceIQ mobile ad campaign can influence TV Viewership. If you are trying to increase tune-in to a new show, or determine which types of audiences are most likely to tune-in, PlaceIQ PrimeTime can now deliver those metrics.

What is being measured:

  1. Does mobile advertising result in a lift in tune-in to a network?
  2. Does mobile advertising result in incremental minutes spent viewing the network?
  3. Of those who tune-in, does ad exposure result in additional minutes on the network?
  4. Which types of audiences tune-in more than others?


Rentrak set-top-box data is matched to residences within a tile. PlaceIQ identifies the target audience(s) (i.e. Bravo or FX Viewers) and the conversion criteria (i.e. tune-in to Bravo). PlaceIQ serves mobile ads to target Bravo Viewer tiles (exposed group). Rentrak measures tune-in levels across both the exposed and control groups to determine lift.

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