Place Visit Rate (PVR™)

Measures real-world, in-store ROI.


At PlaceIQ, our data driven approach means we strive to prove the efficacy of our advertising by attributing conversions to measurable, statistically relevant real-world behaviors. Utilizing our patented platform developed by our leading data scientists and engineers, we developed the first-of-a kind foot traffic metric known as Place Visit Rate (PVR™). We address a specific business need to measure the direct effect of advertising on actual visits to store and other physical locations.

We believe PVR™ to be an advanced and powerful metric for ad campaigns to measure actual foot traffic to a specific location such as retail, auto dealership, or travel destination. Our metric measures actual behaviors of exposed devices and is not based on models or projections, making PVR™ the first and most accurate foot traffic measurement in the industry today.

PVR™ is calculated by taking the total number of unique devices that received an ad during a campaign and determining the percentage of those same devices that were later seen in a target location. We set exposed and control thresholds in order to consistently ensure a high standard of statistical confidence is met with our PVR™ measurement.

Check out PVR™ in action with our case studies:

Check out PVR in action with our case studies:

  1. Place Visit Rate Case Study
  2. Regional Dealership Case Study
  3. Consumer Electronics Case Study