Most of us are bound by a few centers of gravity: our work, our gym, our school, or our favorite coffee shop. Because we’re constantly popping back and forth between these centers of gravity, they hold great influence on where we shop, where we dine, and the businesses we frequent. Sometimes it’s much easier to pick up a carton of milk at the store near our office, than it is to travel to the next town.
For marketers, analyzing the movement patterns of consumers can lead to a greater understanding of their shopping habits – and make or break advertising strategies. By making sense of the location data emitted from mobile phones, this type of real-world understanding is now a reality.
Introducing: Drive-By Audiences
At PlaceIQ, we are fascinated with movement patterns. Recently, we introduced a new type of audience for marketers: Drive-By Audiences. This cutting edge marketing audience is comprised of consumers who commute within a certain distance of a specified location or locations. These audiences require lots of high quality movement data, and as a result, our clients are finding them an effective way to understand consumer convenience.
Moving Beyond ‘The Moment’
By leveraging Drive-By Audiences, marketers eliminate the drawbacks of more basic methods that focus on ‘the moment,’ like geo-fencing. Back when location data first emerged as a marketing tool, geo-fencing was a popular method to reach audiences based on their proximity to a key location. This was a simple enough method – but it left ample room for error (on average, a few miles to be precise).
For example, marketers might end up messaging consumers who were just passing through a town – wasting dollars, and producing ads that are a nuisance for customers. A stronger audience would be comprised of audiences who work nearby a certain location, or commute past it every day. Advanced location intelligence companies make it possible to message beyond the moment, and launch strategic and efficient campaigns that are based on journey patterns.
The Proof is in The Pudding
In a recent mobile media campaign, Drive-By Audiences were more than twenty times more likely to visit a target convenience store than an average consumer. For those delivered advertising, Drive-By Audiences were 10% more likely to later visit a target location than those who did not receive messaging.

With Drive-By Audiences, marketers have a smart, efficient way of reaching consumers who are receptive to engagement and conversion. We offer several other audiences built around consumer journey patterns. It’s time to move beyond the moment, and start marketing to consumers to create more meaningful marketing for all.


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