3 Ways to Fuel your BTS Planning with Location Data

3 Ways to Fuel your BTS Planning with Location Data

Are you planning Back-To-School promotions? If you raised your hand, we have the perfect study buddy for you: location data. Whether you are a retailer – or promoting a product at a retailer – location data can turn consumer question marks into consumer facts.


Build Your Audiences Based on Real-World Visitation

The places people go are very indicative of who they are as a consumer. This is especially true when patterns are identified – such as where consumers frequently shop. When building your back-to-school audiences, this deep level of audience insight can make all the difference.


For example, let’s look at the ‘brand loyalist’ location audience, which is comprised of consumers who frequently visit a certain location. If you are selling a product at a specific retailer, you might consider targeting brand loyalists, and also those who store-hop (A.K.A are easily influenced with a coupon). On the other hand, if you are the retailer, an aggressive promotional campaign geared towards competitive loyalists could be the perfect tactic. If you’re feeling really creative, you could also reach consumers who used to be loyalists of a recently closed down store, and gain their loyalty before a competitor does. The sky is the limit with location data – get crafty!


Amplify Your Strategies By Combining Location + Purchase Data

Are you an overachiever? Gain extra credit by combining foot-traffic data with purchase data. Not only can you understand visitation behaviors – you can understand purchase patterns as well. This powerful combination of data gives brands a more granular view into consumers shopping habits, and helps inform media strategies.


PlaceIQ partners with MasterCard to help marketers leverage purchase insights in conjunction with store traffic. For a hyper-concentrated marketing approach, reach your audiences based on the coupling of purchase data and location.


Understand if You Passed The Test with Offline Attribution

So, your back-to-school campaign has come to an end…now what? Instead of waiting anxiously for your report card, take your grades beyond CTR and understand if your campaign delivered an actual lift in visitation. Place Visit Rate (PVR) is PlaceIQ’s must-use tool for understanding the success of your campaign. Advertisers across verticals leverage PVR to understand the direct effect of advertising on actual visits to stores, restaurants, auto lots, and other physical locations.


Just like a calculator for math class, location data is a necessary tool for activating your back-to-school and holiday campaigns this season. Leverage offline insights to choose the right audiences, power your online campaigns, and measure real-world results.


Reach out to learn more – we’d love to brainstorm ways to make location work for you this season!