Pop quiz time.


Did you know the back-to-school season isn’t just about school supplies and new clothes? Brands across verticals, including dining establishments, entertainment venues, and CPG brands can take advantage of the shopping surge. It’s all about understanding where loyalties lie.

Let’s say you are a parent of three kids, out-and-about shopping for school supplies. Rather than shuttle your children back and forth for separate shopping occasions, chances are you will make a day out of it. This means you are likely to stop at other places beyond your go-to department store – maybe your favorite restaurant for a family lunch, or a coffee shop for a much-needed caffeine break; you might even stock up on groceries for the week while you’re at a Big Box store (after you’re done picking out those pencils, of course).

Understanding offline shopping behaviors is an innovative way for marketers to leverage seasonal shopping surges, like back-to-school. With location data, marketers can understand where loyalties lie across verticals. For example – do Walmart shoppers in a certain DMA have a favorite restaurant? Or, do Target shoppers in Chicago prefer Starbucks over Dunkin’ Donuts? A look at our recent retail audience infographic reveals that these synergies do indeed exist. Gap shoppers, for example, also over-index for eating at P.F. Chang’s. In this instance, P.F. Chang’s might consider targeting a coupon for kid’s meals during the same week that Gap runs their sales promotion for kid’s clothing.

There are numerous ways brands across verticals can get creative during back-to-school season to reach their loyalists at the right time. If you are a CPG brand in a Big Box store, a special push to loyalists of that store during the back-to-school shopping months could bring in additional revenue, and lay the groundwork for the holiday season. Or, you might consider partnering with a non-competitive brand who shares similar shopping audiences with you. These tactics become especially powerful when performed at the DMA level, where brand loyalties and patterns are more nuanced.

The possibilities are endless, and we love brainstorming innovative ways for brands to reach their customers with real-world data. Reach out today to learn more about leveraging location intelligence to amplify your holiday season media strategies.