5 Holiday Audience Strategies to Beat the Brick-and-Mortar Blues

5 Holiday Audience Strategies to Beat the Brick-and-Mortar Blues

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.


Offline retailers are more likely than ever to draw inspiration from this age-old saying. Last season, brands across the board reported a dip in brick-and-mortar holiday sales, while e-commerce sales flourished. However, our recent Q4 foot traffic analysis showed a 66% increase in shopping at malls and department stores during Q4. This means plenty of shoppers are still buying gifts in person – it’s just a matter of finding them before your competitor does.


With location intelligence, marketers can fuel media strategies with offline data patterns, including where people shop, when they shop, and which stores they regularly drive-by. Now is the time for retailers to get creative and leverage cutting-edge location audience tactics to bring home those holiday dollars. After all, what better way to get tackle offline problems than with offline data?


Featured Location-Based Holiday Audiences:


Drive-By Audiences

The holiday season can be overwhelming – and some consumers are all about convenience. Target audiences who regularly commute by your location to keep your brand top of mind during the holiday rush.


Lapsed Loyalists

The holidays are the perfect time to make amends. Reach audiences who used to visit your brick-and-mortar location, but who haven’t been back in a certain amount of time. A holiday coupon might be the perfect reason for them to re-engage and visit your store.


Competitive Customers

Stealing is typically frowned upon – except when it comes to taking market-share from your competitors. Reach audiences who regularly visit your competitors’ locations with targeted advertising.


Abandoned Loyalists

The bad news: sometimes retailers are forced to shut down stores. The good news: there are other fish in the sea. As a marketer, this is the perfect opportunity to acquire new customers. If a major competitor of yours recently shut down stores in one or more DMAs, take advantage and target shoppers who used to be a regular visitor.


Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers

Are you planning to reach last-minute shoppers this season? Increase your campaign’s efficiency by reaching shoppers who are more likely to do their shopping at the last minute. This can be accomplished by examining shopping behaviors from 2016, or from a previous big sales period.


With location-based audiences, offline retailers can fuel their campaigns with a deep understanding of their offline customer. While these are a few of our favorite audiences, there are many more that marketers have seen tremendous success with. Dive into our Holiday Ebook for more holiday audience insights, or reach out to learn more!