Every consumer does their holiday grocery shopping differently – there are the last minute shoppers as well as their early bird counterparts; the lauded home cooks who travel miles to their favorite farmer’s market or artisanal food shop for a specific type of cheese; and we can’t forget about those “day after” shoppers who   take advantage of the best promotions and discounts of the year — who doesn’t love discounted chocolate the day after Valentine’s Day?

Considering 9 out of 10 CPG transactions happen in-store, driving foot traffic is key to driving grocery sales this season. But how can brand products or retailers win the grocery games this season? Location data offers a 360-degree view into the mobile, always-on consumer journey so marketers can better understand consumer shopping behaviors, and tailor their advertising strategy accordingly. For instance, Costco saw a major spike in foot traffic right before Thanksgiving last year most likely from meal planners prepping for Thanksgiving dinner. To efficiently reach those last minute planners, Costco might leverage location data to find consumers who typically do their holiday shopping at the last minute.

This season, knowing your consumer’s grocery shopping habits is key to reaching them with relevant promotions, and also engaging with them beyond the point-of-purchase to ultimately secure them as a loyal and returning customer. At PlaceIQ, we connect over 6,500 location-based audiences to DMPs and DSPs like Oracle, AOL, Adobe, Lotame and The Trade Desk so marketers can power a variety of campaigns.

Check out a few of our favorite holiday audience strategies below — all of which are available programmatically for marketers:


Leverage the ‘Convenience Factor’ 

During the holidays, consumers have a lot going on. Convenience is bound to trump many other factors — such as brand loyalty and price sensitivity – when it comes to purchase decisions. With the convenience shopper audience, marketers can reach shoppers who live and work within a specific radius of their location of interest. Leverage the “convenience factor” to influence holiday grocery shoppers who are more likely to abandon brand loyalties, and shop at a location that is close to wherever they are in the moment.


Conquest with Loyalty Audiences

Just like stealing a gift during a white elephant gift exchange, the holidays are a great time for brands to snag shoppers, and gain share-of-visit from competitors. As mentioned earlier, consumers are far more likely to abandon brand loyalties during the holidays when budgets are tight, and when convenience is more important than ever. Grocery stores and Big Box retailers can now leverage PlaceIQ’s loyalty audiences to determine who is shopping at competitive locations and adjust campaign strategies accordingly to get them in the door.


Reach Meal Planners with Loyalty Audiences 

Loyalty audiences aren’t only meant for big box stores to conquest other big box stores. Marketers at the product level can also leverage loyalty audiences to reach the right shoppers, like meal planners. Let’s say your brand is offering a discount promotion at a certain grocery chain – with loyalty audiences, you can now market this promotion to frequent visitors of that grocery chain. This tactic will reduce wasted reach, and ensure your message is delivered to the right audience.


Compare Specific Brand Audiences 

Do consumers go the distance to shop at a specific store for premium items? You know you have that one friend — we all do — who refuses to shop anywhere else but Whole Foods and only buys organic. We did an analysis on the Whole Foods shopper, comparing them to Kroger’s shoppers. We found that Whole Foods shoppers are willing to travel the farthest — an average of 5.51 miles! When compared to a Kroger, customers opt for convenience, and only travel an average of 3.4 miles. This is one way you can take your marketing even further with location analytics.


Location data empowers marketers to harness a deep understanding of consumer behavior to inform strategic business decisions and influence the purchase cycle. The full suite of PlaceIQ audiences is built to customize solutions that meet specific campaign goals. Check out our holiday audience lookbook for more recommended audiences, or reach out to learn more!