Now that GDPR has a year’s worth of footing and CCPA looms on the horizon, industry players are speculating on the next step: U.S. Federal data privacy regulations. And location data providers are ironically the ones pushing for it. Perhaps most vocal on that charge is PlaceIQ CEO Duncan McCall.

“We need Federal regulation so we can be within the law, because right now there is no law,” he said during a panel discussion at Localogy’s Place Conference in Austin. “CCPA is the first step, but it’s only one state. We need Federal-level regulation. It’s going to happen in my lifetime but not in the next 12-16 months”

The key here is that responsible data collection players have more to gain from a regulated environment, while the bad actors do not. As a side note, the level of integrity and responsibility in data collection can be inferred from a given company’s level of support or aversion to regulation. McCall passes the test.

The other thing that responsible location intelligence players have to gain is the barriers to entry/competition that a regulated environment will bring. That comes at a time when location data providers are coming out of the woodwork. But it’s important to add that this shakeout will meanwhile happen through market dynamics, regardless of oversight.