Over the last ten years, I’ve been fortunate to have a front row seat to the evolution of the location data ecosystem. From a novel idea made possible by the smartphone, to a fundamental mainstream data asset used by the biggest brands in the world, it has been more than gratifying to see location data evolve to become so widely accepted as a crucial business tool.

We’ve been through all the technology hype phases, and as we settle in on the other side, with our data having reached full ubiquity and broad market applicability, we find ourselves in the  fortunate position to be able to employ additional strategies for prudent growth – matching market acceptance, customer demand, and profitable revenue creation to our investments.

So, today, I’m happy to share that we have acquired Freckle IoT’s data and foot traffic measurement business and will be integrating it into our core services and solutions to put location data in the hands of even more brands.

When founding PlaceIQ, it was always our intention to harness location data to tell the movement story of consumers and help businesses use that understanding to make better decisions. With this acquisition, we broaden our ability to support multi-channel brands and agencies by bringing further scale to our audiences and measurement tools in key media channels. By adding strong search and social capabilities which will round out our marketing solution set, we enable PlaceIQ to amplify its ability to deliver a truly holistic data strategy for the marketing and media space – and beyond.

Finally, and perhaps most exciting, this acquisition expands our footprint into new customer verticals, strengthening our work in telco and financial services, and into new territories in Canada. Our focus has always been on U.S. based businesses and the ability to now provide solutions for our northern neighbors (and members of my native Commonwealth!) strengthens our leadership position in the location intelligence marketplace in new and exciting ways.

I’m very proud to share this company milestone with you, and grateful to our team for their hard work and the delivery excellence that has put us in the strategic position to take this next important step in our business. In these uncertain times, we look forward to continuing to provide critical data insights to our customers and partners in meaningful ways.

Welcome to our family, Freckle IoT.

Duncan McCall


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