When we sat down at my kitchen table in Boulder, CO over ten years ago and decided to take the plunge and commit to building the business that was to become PlaceIQ – we had no idea of the adventure and journey that would unfold.

We couldn’t have known we would end up creating a new industry now used by companies all over the world to make better business and marketing decisions.  We certainly didn’t know how simultaneously challenging and exciting it would be as the first mover, hacking a path through the jungle, having to educate and build the nascent market.

It has been just an incredible ride, an experience with so many ups and downs along the way. Moments of pure joy, moments of pure agony, the thrill of winning and the gut-wrenching misery of losing.
We were lucky enough – by some combination of constant hustle, stubborn persistence, and an amazing set of people dedicated to technical excellence – to be able to grow and evolve, constantly innovating new products to solve client problems in our own way. We morphed business models as the market matured and a few years ago, returned to our roots as a pure data company, delivering a number of years of record growth and profitability.
It has been one hell of a rewarding journey with so many incredible milestones along the way.

Today, we are announcing a new milestone: PlaceIQ has agreed to be acquired by Precisely!

Precisely is a global leader in data integrity whose data enrichment products and software solutions deliver accuracy, consistency, and context in enterprise datasets to power confident business decisions.

Working with Precisely will enable PlaceIQ to accelerate and grow our existing market-leading business, whilst leveraging Precisely best-in-class data assets and enterprise sales experience.

We couldn’t be more thrilled at this partnership and opportunity. The ability to continue the mission of PlaceIQ with more resources, in a far bigger arena, to the direct benefit of our team and clients is more than I could have hoped for back at the kitchen table in Boulder.

As we’ve learned and experienced going through this process, both organizations not only share the same vision of utilizing real-world data to power better business decisions – but share a common culture, integrity and approach to company building that has been of such importance to us at PlaceIQ.

Whilst this is the end of one journey, it is of course the beginning of another – and we’re just as fired up as ever to continue to innovate and evolve in this ever-changing dynamic world, working closely with the support of Precisely to approach every day with the same enthusiasm and enjoyment we’ve done so over the last decade plus at PlaceIQ.

– Duncan McCall

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