Advertising Policies

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The following policies are intended to provide guidance on the type of content of advertisements that are (or are not) permissible for the advertisements that are managed by PlaceIQ for its clients.  Advertisements must also comply with applicable laws and regulations (and any policies of the applicable Publisher and/or platform where the advertisement will be displayed).  While we ask that advertisers abide by these standards, the content of the advertisements is ultimately the advertiser’s responsibility.

Prohibited Content


Advertisements that promote or encourage the use of the following types of products and services will not be allowed:


  • Illegal Products or Services
  • Counterfeit or Rights-Infringing Goods
  • Controversial, Misleading, or Dishonest Products or Services
  • Discriminatory Practices or Hate-related Content
  • Drugs and Drug-related Products
  • Sensational, Inflammatory, or Inappropriate Content
  • Spyware or Malware
  • Weapons, Ammunition, and Explosives

Restricted Content


Advertisements that promote the following types of products and services may be permitted, in certain circumstances and in certain contexts, if they meet the applicable requirements and standards (to the specific content being promoted) and applicable laws and regulations (where the advertisement will be displayed):


  • Adult Content, Products, and Services
  • Alcohol
  • Branded Content (copyrighted or trademarked materials)
  • Dating or Match Services
  • Financial Services
  • Gambling and Lotteries
  • Healthcare and Treatments
  • Pharmaceuticals, Online Pharmacies, and Health Supplements
  • Political Content, Products, and Services
  • Potentially Questionable Business Practices
  • Tobacco or Tobacco-related Products



Sensitive Conditions.  Advertisements that specifically target individuals (or draw inferences) regarding sensitive conditions (such as, health or medical conditions or treatments (such as diseases, disabilities, or mental or physical health conditions), medical records or history (including genetic), credit eligibility or worthiness (for lending, employment, housing, healthcare, or otherwise), or sexual orientation) are not permitted.


Sensitive Locations.  Except in certain limited situations, advertisements that specifically target individuals that are in locations that are known to be sensitive places (such as healthcare or medical offices, places of religious worship, and other similar venues) are not permitted if the purpose of targeting these individuals is based on their status or condition associated with those locations.


Health-Related Segments.  We provided interest-based advertising segments in the following health-related categories:


  • Businesses: Medical/Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals
  • Occupations: Healthcare Assistants | Healthcare Practitioners | Healthcare Technicians | Personal Care & Services
  • Recreational: Athletic Recreation Visitors | Beach Visitors | Climbing Gyms | Gym Visitors | Nature & Outdoors Visitors | Outdoorsy Visitors | Tennis Facilities | Golf Course Visitors | National Parks | Parks & Gardens Visitors | Ski Area Visitors
  • Retail: Pharmacy Shoppers | Pharmacy Stores | Sports Stores

Quality Standards


Advertisements must meet certain quality standards and requirements (such as editorial standards, technical requirements, ad format, and destination requirements) to provide a high-quality user experience.  Advertisements that attempt to obtain sensitive information (such as a social security number, bank account numbers, or a credit card number) or personal information (by deception or without the user’s knowledge and consent) are not permitted.