Reach audiences online based on where they go offline. 

Robust Programmatic Media Solutions

Build innovative, location-intelligent media campaigns with confidence. Easily activate PlaceIQ’s location-based audiences programmatically across major DMPs and DSPs, or reach out to our team of audience experts to learn which segments best support your unique goals.

Define your Location Audience

Where consumers go in the physical world says a lot about intent. Reach audiences based on visitation and movement patterns, including brand loyalists, competitive audiences, drive-by commuters, and more.


Seamless Programmatic Integration

With over 1,000 syndicated segments covering major brands spanning most verticals, PlaceIQ allows you to incorporate aggregate offline behaviors into your programmatic strategy with ease and efficiency.  PlaceIQ audiences are available through a wide range of DSP and DMP partners.


Measure Performance with our Foot Traffic Audiences

After your campaign is executed, location intelligence can help you understand what worked, and what didn’t. With PlaceIQ’s Place Visit Rate (PVR) metric, you can measure if certain locations saw a lift in visitation. Or leverage our premiere measurement partners to harness the benefits of PlaceIQ’s Place Visit Stream.

Move beyond the moment to understand the journey.

It’s no longer just about the moment – it’s about the movement of audiences. Understanding if an audience passes by your location every day or only once can make or break your campaign. It’s time to move beyond the moment, and create more meaningful marketing for all.

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Popular Location Audiences


Reach audiences who visit your location regularly


Reach audiences who used to visit your location, but haven’t been back recently


Reach audiences who regularly visit your competitor’s locations


Message audiences who regularly commute past your location


Quickchek, a national convenience store, recently leveraged location intelligence with PlaceIQ to understand the visitation patterns of their audiences, and capture marketshare.

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Looking to access location audiences programmatically?

We’ve made over 1,000 premier audiences available through a wide range of partners, including Adobe, Krux, AOL One, The TradeDesk, and Oracle’s BluKai. Seamlessly integrate location audiences with existing media plans across verticals. 

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