Social Distancing Audiences

When the desire to venture out (or how safe it is to do so) varies greatly from region to region, how can marketers reach the right consumer with the right message at scale?

Some of your customers are ready and able to come shop at your locations. Others have visitation habits indicating you’re better off directing them to your website to purchase. And, their visitation behaviors vary over time and by category. To help marketers optimize advertising investment and creative messaging impact, PlaceIQ has built programmatic audiences to help manage this complexity.

Reemergence Audiences You Can Activate Today


Strictly Isolating

Consumers staying in as much as possible, making minimal trips to essential commercial places


Cautiously Reemerging

Consumers beginning to visit commercial businesses at an increased rate



Consumers regularly visiting commercial businesses, retailers, entertainment, and more

These segments are created by continually analyzing how a households’ visitation behavior changes over time. They are updated weekly to accommodate the ongoing changes across the U.S.

Use these audiences to deliver focused messaging and minimize waste

Audience: Strictly Isolating
Campaign Goal: Promote online delivery and large format purchases
example dining ad for strictly isolating audience
Audience: Cautiously Reemerging
Campaign Goal: Increase awareness for your curbside pick-up options
example dining ad for cautiously reemerging audience
Audience: Reemerged
Campaign Goal: Bring in foot traffic to open locations
example dining ad for reemerged audience

How to account for reemergence in your category

Through the lens of location intelligence, we’re monitoring the ongoing shifts across various categories – from the complex nature of auto, to the durability of fast food, to the regional fluctuations in entertainment. To create segments meaningful to each category, we used county-level data to create High, Medium and Low Activity Audiences for each. Using these audiences, marketers can filter campaign targeting to limit delivery to devices where category-level visitation meets your business objectives.

Category Reemergence Audiences Are Available in High, Medium, and Low Activity Thresholds




Casual Restaurants
Coffee Shops


Movie Theaters
Nature & Outdoors


Sporting Goods
Pet Stores



Financial Services



Colleges & Universities



Use these audiences to save budget and meet your campaign KPIs

low activity
Audience: Auto Dealerships > Low Activity
Campaign Goal: Increase Online traffic
example auto tweet
medium activity
Audience: Fast Food Traffic > Medium Activity
Campaign Goal: Increase app downloads
example dining tweet
high activity
Audience: Mall Traffic > High Activity
Campaign Goal: Increase foot traffic
example retail tweet

For access to the audiences, search PlaceIQ in your preferred DSP — or reach out to our team to have them provisioned to you directly for use in search, social, and more.


Download the full audience handbook