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Shinola Detroit

+43.1x Open Lift

By running targeted mobile ads, we measured a 43x lift in visits to Shinola retailers over the open control group.


Audience Activation

Reach people…


…who had recently passed by Shinola’s OOH ads


…who had been near a Shinola retailer in the past 30 days


…with previous purchase behaviors and Shinola defined personas

Creative Focus

Ads were created with personalized regional preferences by DMA, and featured a dynamic store locator for an easy path to purchase.

Shinola Store Locator Advertisement


chart key: teal bar above average, grey bar below average


They live in households earning $100k+ and showed a strong skew towards Asian and Hispanic ethnicities.

Chart: demographics

Shopping Behavior

They shop at grocery stores such as Ralph’s, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Safeway, Target for their household needs

Chart: Shopping Behavior

Purchase Data

They purchase luxury brand apparels, fine jewelry, beauty and fragrance products, etc.

Chart: Purchase Data


“One of our core principles is helping brands reinvent the way they market to consumers. Our approach to increasing store traffic was by marrying data and creative in a unique way in our key markets, by continuing the message beyond OOH, and by surrounding the places our targets frequent. This empowers Shinola to continue to embody our strengths as an innovative brand delivering localized experiences.”


Associate Media Director, MullenLowe Mediahub