+23% Foot Traffic

PlaceIQ partners with PMG to measure real-time impact of in-store holiday foot traffic.


PlaceIQ’s Place Visit Stream was accessed by PMG through its valued DSP partner, The Trade Desk, in order to measure true foot traffic impact and return on ad spend for all holiday campaign tactics used during the holiday season, as tested on PMG client Old Navy.

Creative Focus

With real-time access to foot-traffic data, PMG was able to quickly optimize campaigns to drive the best in-store results.

PMG used high-impact, rich media ad units to maximize the impact of their audience discoveries. For example, they were able to harness a secondary brand audience to drive 23% more foot traffic than the primary audience.

Old Navy Store Locator Advertisement

Measuring the Real-Time Impact of In-Store Holiday Foot Traffic

PlaceIQ’s location-intelligence platform ingests and processes billions of movement data points to understand the places visited in their consumer journey. By matching this movement data with verified locations, Place Visit Stream delivers visitation metrics down to specific audiences and targeting tactics.

This approach enables brands to match high quality, real-world visitation metrics to a wide array of key marketing applications.


“PMG has many retail clients for whom we are constantly testing innovative ways to measure how online media impacts offline foot traffic. The PlaceIQ/The Trade Desk integration offered PMG a unique opportunity during the critical Holiday Shopping season that allowed us to gain a real-time understanding of what tactics were driving customers.”


Senior Programmatic Media Manager, PMG