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With PlaceIQ’s LandMark data, we’re putting you in the driver’s seat. Gain hands-on access to premier location data for cutting edge analytics and insights.

LandMark data is now widely available! Check out recent success stories from our beta partners, including Havas Media, The Media Kitchen, GSTV, Ansible and more.

Access premier location data on your own terms

LandMark data by PlaceIQ is an industry-first dataset that enables enhanced insights and in-house analytics.

Sample Applications for LandMark:

Understand Brand Loyalists

Understand the cross-shopping behaviors of store visitors to inform marketing strategies

Analyze Lapsed Loyalists

Analyze audiences who used to visit a brick-and-mortar store to inform marketing strategies

Gain Competitive


Analyze the behaviors of shoppers who visit a competitor’s location to inform strategies

Inform Equity Analysis

Analyze store foot traffic patterns and share-of-visit reports to predict quarterly sales

Analyze Share-of-Visit 

Understand how marketing campaigns or seasonal events impact a company’s share-of-visit in the marketplace

Inform Retail Site Selections

Find geographical areas with high potential for expansion based on customer loyalty

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