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With PlaceIQ’s LandMark data, we’re putting you in the driver’s seat. Gain hands-on access to premier location data for cutting edge analytics and insights.

Access premier location data on your own terms

LandMark data by PlaceIQ is an industry-first dataset that enables enhanced insights and in-house analytics.

Sample Applications for LandMark:

Understand Brand Loyalists

Understand the cross-shopping behaviors of store visitors to inform marketing strategies

Analyze Lapsed Loyalists

Analyze audiences who used to visit a brick-and-mortar store to inform marketing strategies

Gain Competitive


Analyze the behaviors of shoppers who visit a competitor’s location to inform strategies

Inform Equity Analysis

Analyze store foot traffic patterns and share-of-visit reports to predict quarterly sales

Analyze Share-of-Visit 

Understand how marketing campaigns or seasonal events impact a company’s share-of-visit in the marketplace

Inform Retail Site Selections

Find geographical areas with high potential for expansion based on customer loyalty

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