PlaceIQ ingests and processes billions of movement and mapping data points into verified visit data – so you don’t have to. License our best-in-breed location datasets to conduct your own analysis and power decision making.


Access premier location data on your own terms

Savvy brands and marketers are moving beyond simple location targeting tactics toward an increasingly sophisticated understanding of the consumer journey. In order to accomplish this, brands need access to the finest dataset in the marketplace today: PlaceIQ’s verified visit data.

Access PlaceIQ’s proprietary visitation data to analyze consumer movement, develop smarter marketing strategies, and drive real-world consumer actions.

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What can you discover with location data from PlaceIQ?


Uncover Brand Loyalists

Understand the cross-shopping behaviors of store visitors on a national or regional scale


Re-engage Lapsed Loyalists

Analyze audiences who used to visit your brick-and-mortar stores to inform marketing strategies


Understand Competitive Trends

Observe trends and behaviors of shoppers who visit your competitor’s locations


Inform Equity Predictions

Analyze store foot traffic patterns and Share-of-Visit reports to predict quarterly sales


Measure Share-of-Visit

Understand how marketing campaigns or seasonal events impact a company’s Share-of-Visit in the marketplace


Analyze Retail Site Selections

Find geographical areas with high potential for expansion based on customer loyalty

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