Our expansive partner network makes location intelligence easier to activate, and more powerful. We call that a win-win.

Activation Partners

In addition to PlaceIQ’s propriety location data, we partner with a variety of activation companies to make our audiences and measurement solutions available to marketers in multiple ways.

Data Partners

Location data can be even more powerful when combined with other data. We work with premier data partners to amplify the power of location through purchase data, TV viewership data, shopper trends, and more.

PlaceIQ + Nielsen Catalina

See what our partnership can do!

PlaceIQ and Nielsen Catalina Solutions have teamed up to provide next-level CPG data and insights that power marketing campaigns and fuel strategies.

Measurement Partners

Work with our certified measurement partners to seamlessly integrate real-world visitation measurement with effective advertising

Publisher Partners

At PlaceIQ, we’re all about innovation. That’s why we work with top-shelf publishers, networks and exchanges to harness location data and monetize traffic in new and innovative ways.