Evolving Methods for Measuring the Socially Distant Consumer

New traffic health learnings from 2020.

When measuring the brick and mortar economy, visit counts are simply not enough to deliver a full picture of what is really going on in traffic recovery. For dining brands, the relationship between long trips and short trips is a critical piece of monitoring business health. For retailers, the holiday season will require an understanding of regional performance and changing consumer behaviors.

In this webinar, PlaceIQ EVP of Strategy, Drew Breunig walks us through the evolution and methodology PlaceIQ uses to answer key questions about business health using location data.

View this webinar as we tackle:

  • Our latest indexes for how we’re measuring traffic health across categories
  • Analyses of visit volume, regionality, duration, and more
  • A snapshot of our current state and the direction it is heading
  • Location learnings from 2020