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Steve Milton

CTO and Co-Founder

Steve has a proven track record of incubating new technology companies and leading them through successful growth. His background in enterprise, Internet, large data analytics and geospatial information systems led to the technical vision for PlaceIQ. He has developed novel software solutions in several industries and worked with a great variety of “Big Data”. In the early 90s Steve was one of the first 20 employees at Trilogy, and later he helped architect a Web 1.0 content portal and purchasing transaction system. He was also a founding member of and built a highly acclaimed consumer retail site.


After the Internet boom, Steve immersed himself in Big Data. He joined the management team at Nuance where he helped scale the development and deployment of voice recognition systems. Next, he helped a bioinformatics startup build its core data capture and data analysis platform. After that, he incubated a startup in the insurance claims processing and appraisal space. And most recently he led software and systems development at Digital Globe – owner of the world’s largest earth imagery database.
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